Culture Code – High Achieving Culture Ideas

This was a great book, I highly recommend it if you have a leadership role with a group. Here are some bullet point notes on the book. They are way more helpful if you’ve actually read the book!

  • Create a high purpose environment. Have your values clear and organized. Then make your big decisions based on it. Make it clear “here is where we are now, and here is where we want to go” then have them discuss the obstacles that will come up.
    • Constantly remind and repeat your values to everyone in the program
    • Have terminology that shows your team how to be what you value
    • Make your employees feel safe to give new ideas and be themselves. Make people feel like they belong.
    • Personal connection
    • Learn about them personally
    • Let people know you make mistakes. Show your weaknesses. Be humble.
    • Ask for help
    • Eye contact and touching
    • “I’m telling you this because I have high expectations”
    • Ask for peoples opinions
    • Over-communicate that you are listening
    • Everyone should talk about the same amount.
    • We are working towards accomplishing a difficult task. Were in this together
    • End goal is something bigger. See the big picture. Talk about non basketball stuff
    • Life is about Collisions. Be a connector. Recruits go spend time with lots of ppl. Teammates need to connect with each other all the time. Everyone eat together a lot.
      • DON’T HAVE OFFICES. Seeing your coworkers is important. Proximity makes you feel like you belong . CREATE SPACES THAT MAXIMIZE COLLISSIONS. Meals with team and staff
    • Say thank you. For everything. It affirms belonging
    • Make sure everyone has a voice
    • Pick up trash. Do menial work. Show that we are all in it together
    • When new people arrive. Find a way to make them feel included
    • Embrace fun
    • Film sessions don’t need to be comfortable.
    • Do extreme stuff with your team and staff together so everyone sees everyone in a vulnerable state
    • Make your guys self sufficient so they don’t need coaching. Make them problem solvers
    • Training needs to create thousands of micro events that encourage teamwork. If 1 person fails, the group fails. If one person weakens, the group can pick up the slack.
    • Ask questions don’t give orders
    • No need for titles
    • When you give your opinion. Attach phrases so it’s easy to question it. “Let’s see if you can poke holes in this” “tell me what’s wrong with this idea
    • Film sessions need to be a safe place to talk. No rank. Talk about every decision. Ask why did you do that, what did you see?
    • Don’t assign blame. Share experiences and learn from each other. Aim for candor, not brutal honesty (but embraced discomfort)
    • Courage is seeing and speaking the truth to each other
    • Leader of film session should ask questions to get your team to connect. Help people walk away with a greater sense of excitement, awareness and motivation
    • Everyone is different, so find different ways to make everyone comfortable. It’s not about excitement, it’s about discovery
    • Be soft and hard, empathetic and persistent. Be patient and make sure conversations are going in the right direction. Start by Questioning the big obvious things
    • Provide a steady stream of connection
    • Ask questions
      • What were our intended results
      • What were our actual results
      • What caused our results
      • What wil we do the sane next time
      • What will we do differently next time
    • Ask my group these questions about season or part of a season
      • The one thing that most excites me about this season is
      • One thing I’m not excited about
      • This year I’d like to get better at
      • Ask follow why questions to make each answer clear. Nod and respond with great body language. A great thing to say is “say more about that”
    • How to create group vulnerability
    • Leader needs to be vulnerable first and often. “I screwed that up” make fun of yourself. Give all credit to others. This delivers the message that it’s safe here
    • During the season the season ask these questions. Ask for just 1 thing
      • What is one thing I Currently do that you want me to continue to do
      • What is one thing I don’t do frequently enough that you want me to do more
      • What is one thing I can do to make you more effective
    • Over communicate expectations
    • Deliver negative stuff in person to avoid miss understanding.
    • For scouts ask
      • What are our intended results
      • What challenges can we anticipate
      • What have we or others learned from similar situations
      • What will make us successful this time
    • Have players lead more! Have leaders disappear
    • Number 1 job of everyone is to take care of each other. How we treat each other is everything.
    • When something goes wrong energy level needs to go up. Everyone needs to work as a team and not blame or take a “I’m doing my job attitude”
    • To get a hug you have to give a hug
    • Give people the benefit of the doubt
    • For consistency be like an ant colony ifttt. Create rules aka catch phrases (short and simple) to link where we are to where we want to be.
      • If we are short on this do this
      • If we aren’t disciplined watch more film
      • If someone is rude make a charitable assumption
      • If you need help ask
      • It seems corny at first, but it’s not
      • Here are some good coaching catch phrases I’ve come across
    • Creative skills require
    • Empowering the group to do the hard work and provide tools
    • Make it safe to fail
    • Celebrate when group takes initiative
    • Spotlight the task you want

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