Coaching “catch phrases”

  • Defense (WV Press clinic)
    • Ball pressure comes first. Work it every day. If you play hard and have ball pressure good things happen.
    • Trapping defense
      • Interceptor “read the ball-handlers shoulders”
      • Take chances, but take calculated chances
      • Once the ball handler starts goin away from the basket, start reading eyes. Take chances!
  • Offense
    • Ball needs to move hip to hip on jabs
    • Pound the last dribble before your shot
  • Transition offense catch-phrases (CY from FSU)
    • Score before the concrete gets hard.
    • Win the first 3 steps.
    • Race to check-points
    • A slip is a automatic tail drive
  • Recruiting
    • Are they high energy, high character, and are they a gym rat – CY from FSU said something like that

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