Ideas from Joe Dooley clinic

  • What do you emphasize in practice?
  • Early in season run them if they mess up, then later they go to planks to save legs
  • When thing get monotonous have the guys pick teams in front of the team. Gets competitive. Also shows you and the guys where they stand…
  • There are only 2 times the guys are lying. When they are awake or talking lol
  • Oklahoma City passing drill – great passing, pivot, and spacing drill (bailout spots without shooting)
    • Get lots of shots out of strong action. Gets post feeds, and then you can get guards different kinds of shots out of it
  • 1on1 – if you score, defense stays on. 2-3 consecutive scores, defense runs or planks
  • Have your bigs play against guards on perimeter and visa Versa. Once a week. Get them used to late clock switches
  • 1on1 – 1 defender. 3 offense (wing, top, wing). If you don’t get 2 stops you run or plank.
  • Don’t call many fouls in early season. Easier to dial it back than to turn them up.
  • Shoot a bad shot in 1on1 – run

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