Tim miles clinic notes

  • Guys don’t cut across the lane fast enough! Emphasize in dry runs
    • Dry run plays. Then make a play. Then get to spots
    • Coaching in the 21 century is finding new ways to antagonize your players into doing what they don’t want to do
    • Get your guys to play faster. 1 dribble limit full court. Teaches them to kick the ball ahead
    • 1on1 out of a downscreen – no dribbles (1 passer, 1 screener. If you don’t shoot, give it back to passer and touch the passer. 3 shots each guy
    • Run your half court 5on5 with 1 or 0 dribbles. Teaches them to use screens and put pressure on the rim without the dribble. Miles does this a lot
    • Lots of 2on1.5 Finish the defense. Makes them make quick decisions pass and catch
      • Make it out of real advantages teams will get (transition or getting beat on drive)

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