Charlton (CY) Young – transition offense COVID Clinic 2020

Florida State does a great job in transition. I have never met CY, but it seems like everyone else in the profession who knows him loves him. I was impressed with the job he does of making clear points and emphasizing them. A good teacher can make anything seem simple, and he does just that. He also does a great job using “catch-phrases” to emphasize his point. Something that has been shown to be so important in the culture code book. Here are the bullet point notes of his clinic

  • Best time to score a bucket is when nobody is down there
  • Discipline -the practice of training people to obey rules or behavior
  • Transition defense is undercoached in his opinion
    • Because of that you have to have great discipline in your transition offense
    • There are some great HC defense teams. Score before the concrete gets hard.
  • 8 Keys to transition
    • Race to the check-points
      • Deep corner, head under rim, deep corner
      • So many kids want to stop around the wing or the FT line. Have to be disciplined!
    • Win the first 3 steps. Race to check-points. 3 missiles. Don’t pull-up short
    • Advance the ball – pitch it ahead
      • Pitch it ahead in 1-2 dribbles
    • If PG can’t kick ahead on advance in 1-2 dribbles. CROSS the court before half-court and attack opposite elbow
    • Look for point to post pass. As the PG crosses and attacks elbow. Big needs to wedge / duck-in
    • As many buckets as possible in 7 seconds or less
    • Dribble bust-outs. Puts more pressure on your transition D.
    • Drags – They look for ghosts and slips, they don’t want to set it.
      • A slip / ghost is a automatic tail drive. Need to make it an automatic
      • Waggle (re-screen)
  • Other CY notes
    • What do you do against the Ice?
      • Pop big back and throw & go to weak-side
      • Set it flat, snake it back to middle
    • Great 5on0 transition drill.
      • 35 seconds working through he progressions of transition and racing to check-points. Sounds like a good warm-up drill to get guys moving.
        • Pitch ahead layup x2
        • lob over top layup
        • Trail 3
        • Cross the court pg layup
    • Their defense
      • Pressure, but don’t gamble too much on defense. Going to guard you FC, but rarely trap.
    • Recruiting
      • Looking for athletic length. Guys who play multiple positions.
  • Transition offense catch-phrases
    • Score before the concrete gets hard.
    • Win the first 3 steps.
    • Race to check-points
    • A slip is a automatic tail drive

Basketball HQ has so much stuff on their site to help with your coaching. Check them out!

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