Ettore Messina clinic notes on pick & roll offense & defense

European legend Ettore Messina recently put on a zoom ball-screen clinic on both offense and defense during the COVID break.  Not only has Messina been a head coach at countless EuroLeauge powerhouses, Ettore has also had a wealth of experience from working in the NBA, most notably under Gregg Popovic. The EuroLeague is a half-courtContinue reading “Ettore Messina clinic notes on pick & roll offense & defense”

Alabama 5-out Offense

Alabama was the 3rd highest scoring team in the country last season right behind Gonzaga and Duke. Nate Oat’s has established himself as one of the best offensive coaches in college basketball with his success at Buffalo and now Alabama. The game is changing to a position-less spread out game and they have a greatContinue reading “Alabama 5-out Offense”

Steve Smiley – Northern Colorado Head Coach COVID Clinic

Coach Smiley has done an incredible job both at Weber and Northern Colorado as a defensive assistant. His defenses have overachieved every year and are built to take advantage of the analytics explained in sprawlball. He brings up this book multiple times throughout the clinic and how their defense is based on it. The bigContinue reading “Steve Smiley – Northern Colorado Head Coach COVID Clinic”

Tim miles clinic notes

These notes are based off of a final 4 clinic, but here is some other amazing Tim Miles stuff! Guys don’t cut across the lane fast enough! Emphasize in dry runs Dry run plays. Then make a play. Then get to spots Coaching in the 21 century is finding new ways to antagonize your playersContinue reading “Tim miles clinic notes”

Coaching “catch phrases”

Catch phrases are important! It’s layed out pretty clear in my notes on the book “Culture Code”. The best companies all have them. Here are some good one’s I’ve come across for coaching Defense (WV Press clinic) Ball pressure comes first. Work it every day. If you play hard and have ball pressure good thingsContinue reading “Coaching “catch phrases””

Coaching Quotes

Phil Jackson The ideal way to win a championship is step by step. I think the most important thing about coaching is that you have to have a sense of confidence about what you’re doing. Tommy Amacker recruiting “Is this a player that I would like to play with?” Tom Coughlin: “Humble enough to prepare, confident enough to perform. BruceContinue reading “Coaching Quotes”


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